To Be Seen and Celebrated

More than paintings, it's a story about individuals and community.

The Story

A staggering number of children and adults in our city find themselves without essential and routine eye care. As a visual artist that grew up with genetic macular degeneration, and limited resources, vision and eye health
are never taken for granted. As a friend of Charlotte's Historic Brookhill Community,
it's an honor to partner with you in funding the most eye exams and glasses possible through To Be Seen and Celebrated.

To Be Seen and Celebrated is an occasion to:


  • celebrate and gift yourself or a loved one

  • be a part of a heartwarming and fun showcase/ event/ experience

  • own or gift a piece of fine art of personal significance, and

  • do some good for friends.

In gratitude to my community and as a demonstration of my commitment to you
and keeping my work accessible, instead of the usual Christmas commissions, I'm
offering a unique opportunity to own a customized commission at a much
lower price point. 100 personalized, 8 x 8 inch panels- each an eye that will be expressive and brought to likeness and life by the photos and descriptions you offer.

The Big Idea

Part of this sweet ceremony/party, linking celebration, art, and giving back, you'll surprise honorees by bringing them to witness their eye (or an eye that holds intense meaning to them) as part of a massive grid of 100 eyes, all belonging to someone with us now or someone who has moved on, and still resides in our hearts.


Your custom piece will temporarily become part of a larger work of art, and the focal point for celebrations and events, until making its way home by way of an intimate closing ceremony with you, your honoree, and me (Bree). See you there!

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This gift is priceless,

don't pass it up.