Universally, the eye is recognized as the window to the soul. The keeper and conveyor of passion, loyalty, love, heartbreak, intent, dreams- spoken and unspoken. The keeper of the fire, and truths, and mysteries. We may forget the occasion or the weather in moments long past, and even facial features can fade in
the memory, but the eyes are never forgotten.

The Eyes are Never Forgotten.

To Be Seen and Celebrated

Limited Edition Commissioned Paintings by Bree Stallings

To Be Seen And Celebrated was a solo exhibition by renowned Charlotte-artist, Bree Stallings that ran from January 31st to February 28th, 2020. 132 commissioned eye portraits were painted and displayed and over a thousand people enjoyed the show throughout the month. Proceeds were raised to benefit the Brookhill Vision Fund, to purchase fund eye exams and update corrective lenses for the residents of Brookhill Village, one of Charlotte's oldest Historically Black and under-resourced neighborhoods. 

Please consider seeing and celebrating yourself or your loved one and

supporting the Brookhill Vision Fund

A gift your loved ones will be talking about

for years to come.

Own accessibly-priced, customized art from critically acclaimed artist, Bree Stallings.

"When Bree engages with a community through one of her events she goes deep and builds genuine relationships. She intuitively knows how to build relationships, create community, and engage in justice work through art."

~ Lisa Stockton Howell, Photographer and Affordable Housing Advocate at Brookhill Community Resource Center

"Bree Stallings possesses immeasurable talent. Her creations are more than technically beautiful though. Bree’s art stirs emotion, stimulates conversation, and makes communities and homes better and more vibrant."

~Megan Fuller, Veterans Benefits Attorney

"There are many artists that depict social, political or economic disparities in their artwork, but Bree's one of the few that takes that call to action to heart and continually works with under-served communities and kids on a daily basis, which makes her a great role model."

~Maria Nocik, owner C3 Labs

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Bree Stallings